Simple and Genuine

The long anticipated culinary secrets of Mamma Agata are revealed! We invite you to stroll along side as she unveils the culinary secrets and recipes that have pleased the pallets of some of the world's most noted celebrities through the years - from Humphrey Bogart, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor in years past to Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan in more recent years.

Our goal is to personally guide you through each recipe so that you have the necessary skills to recreate meals filled with the same delectable aromas, fresh ingredients and intense flavors that grace the kitchen of Mamma Agata or "Baby Agata" as Humphrey Bogart so lovingly named her. We will teach you how to recreate many wonderful dishes such as our famously delicious Eggplant Parmigiana that we promise will melt in your mouth and excite your palate with its three distinctive Italian cheeses and fresh vegetables.

We will share with you one of the most treasured of all Mamma Agata's recipes, the famous Lemon Cake, with its simplicity and perfect balance that has surprised so many people since she began making it at the young age of 13 years and her frst biggest fan was Humphrey Bogart! But also... dishes as Pizza, fried pizza, Gnocchi, meatballs, pasta with zucchini, with peppers and sausage, traditional fish dishes, meat, chicken with lemon....and more... - all of the recipes you have always wanted to learn to cook from generations past but sadly they have since long been forgotten and no longer accessible to your family members.

Chiara Lima

When she was 21, Chiara left home to study in Germany and a hospitality career spanning Germany, England, Switzerland and Ireland followed. The youthful Chiara loved soaking up her new surroundingsand she was fascinated by the kaleidoscope of people, food, customs and environments.

Chiara explored her newfound ability to bridge cultural divides by speaking different's and broadening her knowledge of each country through its people. The amazing diversity in all aspects of life inspired Chiara tremendously and her travels expanded her attitude and frame of mind, reinforcing the importance of helping, appreciating and understanding others that was instilled in her as a child.

Today Chiara is back in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast where she is teaching and sharing her experiences with others. She is married to Gennaro with whom they share two lovely children - Mario and Paola..

And as the author of this book, Chiara's vision is to spread the passion and the love that she and her family share with the students in their Cooking School in Ravello each day - a true passion for Simple and genuine food and the joy of cooking with LOVE!

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